Email, phone, address How we approach image mangement

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Image Management
and Public relations

Your image lies in the minds of others. An obvious statement, but you might be surprised at how many believe that their own image of themselves coincides with that held by others. Your image affects how well you sell goods and services. When a journalist, I begin writing with images already formed or half formed, some of them accurate, some not. Image management is aimed at establishing that background image as accurately as possible. (Web sites are now important in this activity.) Such preparation can make a big difference in good times and bad. Our approach to image management >More

Training for Communicating Good training can repay every penny or every cent with substantial interest. Training within the broad field of communcating, internally and externally, can benefit an organisation across almost every field of operation, from sales through administration through to morale. Internal communication is often a matter left to hit-and-miss, finding its own level or levels. However, it is usually the case that the organisation which manages its internal communication coherently is correspondingly effective in communicating with the outside world. The two, internal and external, are inextricably intertwined. >More


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